Blood Donation Camp

A blood donation camp in the university of science and Technology Meghalaya (USTM). The inauguration lamp of the event was lighten by the Director of the university. The event was organized by Dreams Heaven an event management company of guwahati in collaboration with B.Booroah cancer institute. It was a day long program where about fifty people were present. A team from B.Booroah cancer institute helped Students in collecting blood.In the same way a team from Dreams Heaven helped out the students in filling up the forms and registration. All about fourty three Students approached for donating blood among whom thirty three were qualified for it.
The students of USTM and RIST were very much excited to donate blood. There were also many students who donated blood for the first time. Sharing their experiences they said that’ it felt good donating blood’. Udayan Foundation a NGO from guwahati itself distributed certificates among the Doners. It was also informed to the students that B.Booroah cancer institute will also provide them a certificate which will include their blood groups.

Food and beverages were also distributed among the doners. The event became successful with the presence of students and entire medical team. It was a great day event held in the campus of USTM organized by Dreams Heaven.


Citizen Journalism and khabarar saridikh

Citizen Journalism refers to the reporting of news events by members of the public using the Internet to spread the information. Citizen Journalism can be a simple reporting of facts and news that is largely ignored by large media companies.It is easily spread through personal websites,blogs,microblogs, social media and so on.

This concept of citizen Journalism is changing at present and it is having it’s growth to a large extend.In Assam also the people are becoming conscious and understanding the concept of citizen Journalism. Along with various blogs and websites a newspaper has been introduced under ‘clearlens’media house of Naharktia. The name of the paper is ‘Khoboror Saridikh’and it basically gives importance to citizen Journalism. The paper consist of twenty pages which covers news and articles of various issues. This paper basically covers news which are not focused by big media groups or which are unreached. They try to cover up news from the remote parts of the places which do not come to the focus of the main media house



।।।।।  পূজাৰ আৰম্ভণি।।।।

পূজা পালেহিয়ে। সকলো ফালে এতিয়া মাথো পূজাৰ প্ৰস্তুতি দেখিয়ে কিবা ভাল লাগে। এইবোৰ দেখাৰ পাছত ঘৰ যোৱাৰ হেঁপাহ দুগুণে বাঢ়ে। আমি উনিভাৰ্চিটিত থকা দিন কেইটাত ও এনেকুৱাই হৈছিল শেৱালি ফুল ফুলা আৰু পূজাৰ পেণ্ডেল দিয়া আৰম্ভ কৰিলেই আমাৰ যেন ঘৰ যোৱাৰ প্ৰতিযোগিতা হৈছিল । যাৰ বাবে আমি নিজে নিজে বন্ধ দি ঘৰলৈ বুলি ৰাওনা হৈছিলোঁ । উনিভাৰ্চিটিৰ জ্যোতিবাটচৰাত দম দম লৰা ছোৱালীৰ ভিৰ সকলো এটি এটি ঘৰমুৱা পক্ষী।

বর্তমান ও সেই একেই অৱস্থা পূজাৰ পেণ্ডেল দিয়া আৰম্ভ কৰাৰ লগে লগে মোৰ মনটো ও ঘৰলৈ বেছি কৈ উৰা মাৰে। কিন্তু ! সময় সলনি হৈছে উনিভাৰ্চিটিৰ দিনবোৰৰ দৰে এতিয়া আৰু নিজে নিজে বন্ধ দি লব নোৱাৰো। কথাবোৰ ভাবিলে সময় বোৰ পুনৰ ঘূৰাই অনু যেন অনুভৱ হয়। টাইম মেচিন এটাকে থকা হলে পাই।।।