The quarterly magazine “Hiyar Ramdhenu” in collaboration with Basundhara Jatiya Vidyalaya has spruced up to organize a workshop on creative writings among the kids and school students of   Namrup, in the upcoming summer vacation. The aim of the workshop is to encourage all young students for creative and innovative writings.Interested one will also get a chance to write in “Hiyar Ramdhenu”. The workshop will be held at Basundhara Jatiya Vidyalaya premises from 9th to 10th July from 9.30 onwards. Probhat Goswami and Anubhab Prasar will remain as the resource persons in the said workshop. For the above mentioned workshop and more information people can contact on 9435529364, 7002179140,7002856099.



As part of the year long golden jubilee celebration , the Namrup Sahitya Sabha has scheduled three more glitering programmes in the month of June, July and August respectively.The  organising committee of golden jubilee informed that on June 20,a competition on Kolaguru Bishnu Rabha’s song will be  held among the competitors of undivided Soraideu and Dibrugarh District. They also added that on July 02  they are organising a five day workshop on ‘Goalparia Lokgeet’ under the supervision of Guwahati radio centre artist Monumeeta Roy. Likewise, ‘Jonaki Mell ‘will be organised on  August 19,on the birth anniversary of Parboti Prasad Baruah. For the above mentioned competition and workshop people can contact on 9435282354, 8638785987 and 7896216992.


Open letter to organization’s a government.

Dear Leaders,
You people are our strength, our hope and inspiration. Your activeness against the society is praiseworthy. Every common people looks at your face to get rid of the problems. And yes you all eagerly come forward for the well being of the society. But in some cases you become so selfish that you don’t even care for the common people. You come forward to do good but you end up getting scolded by the common people. Maybe this happens due to your mismanagement.

On the day I was in an emergency to go to Dibrugarh for meeting a doctor in AMC. At 6am I went to a winger. After sitting a while the driver said “ we are not going as ……organisation/government is doing requisition of vehicles to bring people to their meeting” After hearing I along with my co-passengers steped out of the winger and went to another vehicle. The other vehicle also travelled a while and repeated the same thing. They told us to go into the bus behind the traveller which is going to Jorhat. I again stepped out of the traveller and went to the bus. During this I heard the drivers speaking, “the organisation/government takes the vehicle for whole day and do not even pay a single penny. How can it be possible for us to simply waste a day. Its better we stop today and enjoy the day” I was very shock to hear that they don’t get paid during such requisition and to get rid of this they are losing their business for the day.

Every passenger was in hurry to reach their destination, someone to the doctor, someone to school, someone to their job etc. The bus driver then started driving after going a distance he stopped. All were in shock again, the driver then said that he won’t go. The passengers were then getting angry with the driver and organisation/government. The driver the said that they will take another route and everybody will need to pay 20rupee extra. All agreed to pay but still he was not going. I then came down the bus and asked whether he is going or not. He replied no to me. I remained silent and said nothing. It was 8am and suddenly a traveller came shouting ‘Dibrugarh’ ‘Dibrugarh’. I stepped into it and took a seat. Other people’s also rushed to the traveller and we started our journey. Some people even went back home. So to travel just 1hour we fought for 2hours.

So I request all organisation/government, please organise something giving importance to the convenient of people. For your celebration others might not face such hectic situations.
Thanking you

Joyshree Baruah

A common citizen of Assam.

Note: Please don’t take it personally i just shared my thought and experience of the day.