Seuji distributes tree sapling

An NGO of Namrup named ‘Seuji’ takes initiative to distribute tree sampling among the people of Namrup. As a mark of this, a programme on tree sapling distribution was organized on Monday along with an awareness session at the Fertilizer staff club. The awareness session held on the occasion was chaired by Anima Deuri, retired teacher of B.V.F.C.L HS School and social activist. The secretary of the NGO Soumin Mahanta elaborated the objective of the meet. He also spoke about the objectives of ‘Seuji’ and said that the NGO would continuously work hard to build a greener Assam through greener Namrup.  Its to be mentioned that ‘Seuji’ has already distributed more than 3000 saplings since 2nd June to different social-cultural organizations, self-help groups and schools etc. The programme was also graced by the presence of Sisuram Gogoi, president of seuji and also the brand ambassador of the State Forest Department.


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