​World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day was observed on 14th June at Namrup MPHC in association with Naharani Block PHC. Current year’s theme for the event was ‘Be there for someone else. Give blood, share life.’ To mark the occasion an awareness session was held which was conducted by Jayanta Dutta, Health educator,Namrup MPHC. Dr. Bidyawati Sonowal Senior Medical Officer Naharani BPHC remained as the resource person. She added in her speech about the necessity of voluntary blood donation and benefits of blood donation. While Jayanta Dutta in the session spoke to the Asha workers and ANM nurses,and told them to encourage people for blood donation. Mintu Sonowal, multipurpose worker, Naharkatia SD, advised the Asha workers to list out the eligible blood donors in their operating village and help the needy. Anshuman Dutta a resident of Namrup also shared his experience being a voluntary blood donor. The awareness session was then followed by an awareness procession in the presence of Nasir Ali,ABPM, Namrup MPHC along with Asha workers and ANM nurses.


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