It’s been days our brother’s died shouting “we are Assamese”. It’s been days people of Assam became aggressive and shared their emotional feelings in social media. It’s been days media person’s  went to our brothers home and have taken interviews of their parents. It’s been days all organizations lighted candles in the major parts of their cities and towns.
Yes, I am talking about the incident of Nilutpal and Abhijit. It is the nature of human beings to forget all incidents but this incident is something different. Hopefully it is not possible for the people of Assam to forget about such brutal killing of our two brothers in Dokmoka. Where is the media now, where are the people’s who were very active in social media during that days. It seemed that they will fight against the government and even community  to give justice to our brothers. Everyone is silent now, everyone is busy with their day to day life. Time will pass on like this and everyone will forget this incident. One day again two more Neel and Abhi will die out like this when the people of Assam will again feel sad, they will again write long post in social media and the News Channels will again go to the victims parents for asking about their feelings upon the incident.

So why should we wait for such incident to happen again and regret, why shouldn’t we fight against such injustice. The Assam government must take proper step to punish the culprits so that no other Neel and Abhi dies like this.


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